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Wind services. Experts in storage, handling and movement.

Our Wind services
Lubbers Wind Services offers logistics services for the different stages in the supply chain. From  own facilities around the North Sea, Lubbers offers  (special) transport, storage, handling and container rentals to installation and operations & maintenance (O&M) companies. Lubbers Wind Services also offers a one-stop-shop concept for dismantling, transportation and (partly) recycling of old wind installations.
We offer our customers a variety of options, whether it concerns urgent transport or the transport of materials with exceptional dimensions. From groupage to 'hot shot': Lubbers always offers a suitable, competitive and above all safe solution. Our Global Freight division knows no borders and arranges multimodal transport in collaboration with proven and reliable partners worldwide.

Operations & Maintenance
In the offshore wind industry many difficulties are faced, and money is spent, when transporting wind turbine components due to their large dimensions. But also in the subsequent supply chain money is spent too easily and often processes have not been optimized. During the installation- and O&M phase (operations & maintenance) of wind farm projects a significant amount of staff and product movements from and to the project location take place. Through our employment agency Lubbers @work we can supply well-trained technical and logistics personnel. We have great added value in the optimization of this part of the supply chain, simply because we have facilities, people and equipment available close to the wind farms! 

Dismantling & transportation
Lubbers has decades of experience in dismantling and transporting drilling rigs. This knowledge and experience is also used in the decommissioning of old wind installations. Our specialist vehicle fleet, equipment, staff and large network of partners are the basis for our turn-key dismantling projects.

Still a lot off space is wasted and money is spend on storage of used windmill blades because recycling methods are not available yet. We have a solution! This sustainable solution, in which blades are processed into raw materials (composite products), is a transition period until the blades will be processed and cleaned through Controlled Cleaning Pyrolysis (CCP) on a large scale. CPP is a safe process that helps to clean and extend the life of parts in a method that doesn't pollute or harm the environment. The raw materials can be recycled and therefor re-used in the Wind industry.
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Value added services

Modern transport and complex logistics go beyond knowing the best routes and connections. It’s also about rules and regulations, the right equipment, safety requirements, paperwork, project management and so much more. Whatever you need, we can help:



lifting & hoisting


route survey

storage &


& escorts


The easy route to customs clearance

Let us cut through the red tape. We have the know-how to prepare, submit and process all your customs documentation for ex- and imports.

As Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) we are your safe, efficient and reliable partner in all customs matters - across the globe.

Are you handling your own customs, but need some expert advice? No problem, we're happy to support.


Your dangerous goods in safe hands

We know and strictly follow all local and international safety & security guidelines for handling and moving dangerous or hazardous cargo.

Our specialized solutions for Dangerous Goods Transport qualify for all 9 classes (including Class 1 Explosives and Class 7 Radioactive Material). All our drivers, advisors and partners constantly stay up to speed on current regulations and technical developments.

Decades of experience and knowledge in specialized ADR road transport ensure the high level of dedicated expertise required by air and ocean customers and carriers.

lifting & hoisting

Just leave the heavy lifting to us

Our specialist truck mounted loader cranes can be mobilized in no time. We handle cargo up to 20 ton with an outreach of up to 32 meters. Thoroughly trained and experienced, our operational staff is supported by professional engineers and project managers. Together they always find a safe solution for any project.

In case of heavy lift or oversized cargo we work with strategic partners in telescopic crane services, throughout Europe.


For smooth transits and safe delivery

Use our packaging services to prepare your cargo for further transit. We offer shrink wrapping, boxing and crating services to get your cargo ready for carriage by road, air and ocean freight.

In all our facilities handling equipment like forklifts and crane mounted trucks guarantee a quick mobilization. We can add (safety) stickers or customized markings to your cargo to ensure smooth transits.

route survey

We clear the way for out of gauge

You don’t want any surprises when moving exceptional cargo. That’s why we offer a route survey service for out of gauge transportation and bigger project mobilizations. This technical study includes inspecting the planned route, taking measurements and organizing pruning.

We use the gathered information to advice about possible risks, what equipment to use and which permits are needed.

storage & handling

Managing your stock in the EU

Whether you need indoor or outdoor, long or short-term storage, we can manage your stock in the UK, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Romania, Turkey and Norway.

With heavy handling equipment such as forklifts and cranes, we easily store materials like drill pipes, casings, tubings, frames and reels and any other engineering equipment.


Specialists in unusually large transport

Across the globe we are ready for any special transport with unusually large dimensions. Such as a wind turbine component of 30 metres long, a 50-ton prefabricated concrete beam or a 20-metre high storage tank. It’s all in a day’s work for our experts.

With such complex projects, thorough preparation and skilled project management is essential. We take care of transport engineering, job preparation, permits and documents, transport supervision and operating manuals.

permits & escorts

Carefree passage for special transport

When goods or cargo exceed legally prescribed dimensions and masses, special transport arrangements must be made. We can arrange all necessary permits. And we own specially equipped vehicles that are required to escort oversized or heavy cargo.

“Lubbers is our preferred partner for road transport. Their network and high focus on quality and service are a great match.”

– SR Group, Norway.

“We frequently use Lubbers for urgent transports, because they always make sure our equipment arrives on time.”

– HESS Denmark.

"Our strong partnership with Lubbers supports us in our mission to deliver a full range of standard and bespoke DNV 2.7-1 cargo carrying units.”

– VP Business Development OEG Offshore Ltd.

“The good communication with Lubbers’ drivers is very important to us.”

– HESS Denmark.

“Working with Lubbers optimized our efficiencies, streamlined the process and significantly reduced the overall costs for container/basket rental & transportation.”

– Senior Procurement Specialist, Halliburton.

How we do it

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